Speech Therapy for Stuttering Child

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Intensive Stuttering Therapy

Microcare Two-Week Intensive Stuttering Therapy for Adults and Adolescents (Ages 15 and Older)

MicroCare speech language pathologists have worked with hundreds of individuals who stutter and have multiple years of experience in treating stuttering or stammering.

Stuttering is a disorder of speech motor control that demands a multidimensional treatment approach. The disorder of stuttering is not just the stuttering but it also involves a lifetime of dealing with the anxiety, social avoidances and failures in their jobs caused by the stuttering.

The goals of the MicroCare Intensive Stuttering Therapy are:

  • Manage stress and anxiety related to stuttering and speaking
  • Learn new speaking skills without stuttering that facilitate fluent speech
  • Reduce number and severity of stuttering movements
  • Practicing of learned techniques in real life situations
  • Increase self-confidence