Why Hyderabad?

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Why Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is the medical hub of India, everyday attracts thousands of patients looking for medical treatment. In fact India is now attracting thousands of medical tourism patients.

Advantages of Medical Tourism for medical treatment in Hyderabad

City is well placed for the convenience of medical travellers as it is well connected to major all major cities in India and abroad from Hyderabad’s airport, Shamshabad International Airport.

  • Accommodation outside the hospital is not costly.
  • Tourist vehicles are readily available to move around.
  • Good shopping malls.
  • Can easily be combined with a holiday or a business trip.
  • India is a highly sought after tourist destination.
  • Significant cost savings in medical treatments of about 60-80% lower when compared to similar procedures in the US and the
  • UK and also lowest in Asia, much lower than Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong.
  • Accredited medical facilities with Quality in Health Care.
  • Highly skilled surgeons and medical support staff.
  • No Waiting Lists, so immediate treatment.
  • Personalized & better quality healthcare services.
  • Fluent English speaking staff so, no language problems.


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