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Styles of hearing aid's

We provide you large variety of hearing aid's and solutions available today. There are now five main types of hearing aid's available in the world or in MicroCare Speech & Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad.

1. CIC (Completely In the Canal hearing aid):

CIC hearing aid is the tiniest of all hearing aid's and fits deep inside the ear canal and therefore almost virtually invisible. They are Convenient to wear, best sense of sound direction of all the hearing aid's. Hence, CIC provide you hearing aid solutions up to 90 dB loss.

2. ITC (In The Canal hearing aid):

ITC compact hearing aid fits deeper in the ear canal and is only faintly visible. They are cosmetically appealing, better sense of sound direction than ITE aid. Hence, ITC provide you hearing aid solutions up to 90 dB.

3. ITE (In The Ear hearing aid):

This hearing aid is designed to fit within the ear. This type of hearing aid's are convenient to wear and cosmetically appealing. Better sense of sound direction. Can be normally used with the telephone. Hence ITE provide you hearing aid solutions up to 90 dB loss.

4. BTE (Behind The Ear hearing aid):

BTE external hearing aid fits snugly right behind the ear. BTE is attached to a custom earpiece moulded to the shape of your outer ear. It comes in small and mini-sizes. Ear level placement of the mike makes this aid superior in speech comprehension and sound direction compared to body level aids. BTE give you High power / high gain. hence, gives you hearing aid solutions upto 120 dB loss. BTE hearing aid's ideally suits children.

5. Body level hearing aid:

Commonly referred to as a pocket hearing aid. This has microphone and electronics housed in a portable case that can be slipped into a pocket. A cord connects pocket hearing aid to the receiver in the ear.Bulkiest of all models. Long dangling cord can be cumbersome while working, difficult to use with telephone. Loss in sense of direction due to displaced microphone position.

6. Open-Ear-Fitting (OEF) hearing aid:

A radical advance in hearing aid design. Reciever in the canal or RIC have ultra-small ear canal devices which use sophisticated sound processing technology. Therefore, RIC provides you heairing aid solutions to set a new standard in aesthetics and comfort.

Which hearing aid suits for you.

Which hearing aid or hearing machine is right for you? Best hearing aid solutions.

MicroCare Speech & Hearing clinic set new standards of listening:

1. Connection to the world.

Effective automatic mode optimizing speech understanding in every listening situation.

2. Natural sound

3. Comfortable in all listening situations.

  • Provides options for personal listening preferences to help customize the fitting to your individual needs
  • Automatic feature activation ensures comfortable listening in noise
  • Able to participate fully and effortlessly in conversations in the office or in busy restaurants.
  • Totally hassle – free telephone use, even with cordless and mobile phones

4. Attractive in style.

  • Small and appealing custom products
  • Slim behind-the ear models fit perfectly on the ear
  • Choose from a large range of colors to match your personal taste, hair or skin tones

5. Comfortable handling

  • very low battery drain
  • easy volume adjustment
  • Convenient, hands-free operation
  • at an affordable price

Technology of hearing aid's.

Today hearing machines are available with a variety of advanced technical features. High technology with best hearing aid solutions present in hearing aid's at MicroCare Speech & Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad, India.

Conventional hearing aid:

Conventional hearing aid is a simple linear amplifier with a volume control that requires manual adjustment by the user. It provides a set amount of gain regardless of the loudness and pitch of the sound reaching the microphone. Therefor, this can result in soft sounds remaining almost inaudible and loud sounds being uncomfortably loud.

Automated Technology:

This means you never have to adjust a thing, including your style. Automatic Volume control-hearing aid's with this feature provide more amplification to soft sounds and less amplification for loud sounds. Hence there is no need for manual volume control in your hearing aid. Results in the volume in your hearing aid adjusted automatically to achieve comfortable listening.

Customized listening programme in your hearing aid:

Automatically adjusts to your need of listening situations and best hearing aid solutions.

Speech enhancement and Noise reduction:

Understanding speech in noisy environments is one of the biggest challenges esp., determining what speech is and what noise is. Advanced hearing aid's at MicroCare Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad, India can do have this automated technology which will filter noise and you can concentrate on conversation.

Multi-point microphone matching:

Hearing speech from behind is as important as hearing speech from in front of you; hearing aid can alter its sensitivity depending on the direction of speech signal.

Audibility extender:

This digital hearing aid technology shift sounds automatically down into your audible range.

Programmable hearing aid's:

Can a hearing aid ever bring back complete normal hearing? It may be not. But a programmable hearing aid can take you the closest because this aid can be programmed and fine-tuned to exactly compensate your hearing loss (Remember, your hearing loss is as individualistic as your finger print and so needs an individualistic compensation).

Advanced microchip technology has made it possible to incorporate into the hearing aid features that were once unimaginable. Hence, Unlike the conventional hearing aid which has only a few settings and limited features the programmable aid have millions of combinations and a variety of features that bring more clarity in hearing.

Programming up to 10 KHz:

With this digital hearing aid technology you can hear every single detail of the speech or music. 15 channels and 15 bands in hearing aid's give more natural clarity of sound.

Dual chips:

Integration of speech signal processing in your digital hearing aid's. All the above mentioned hearing aid solutions are available in all the models (BTE, ITE, ITC and CIC) except in the pocket hearing aid.

Hearing aid company:

Available Hearing Instruments or hearing aid's Brands at MicroCare Speech & Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad, India.

Best and top hearing aid solutions of brands, hearing aid manufacturers available in India, Starkey, USA, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Germany.

Hearing aid accessories:

MicroCare Speech & Hearing Clinic offers you a wide range of accessories to your Hearing machines that can help you maintain your hearing aid's better.


Absorbs moisture and sweat from your hearing aid.

Ear Mould Spray:

Cleansing and antiseptic spray for ear moulds for BTE and Pocket hearing aid's.


Pumps out wax and dust particles from ear mould tubes. Only for BTE aids.

Hukki Bands for children:

Secures BTE aid closely to ear. Only for BTE aids.

Audio Shoe for BTE: Connects hearing aid to TV or Music system directly. An external Mic can also be connected through this.

Key Chain:

To test your hearing aid battery power

Telephone comfort cushion:

Cushion for telephone handset for better coupling and to reduce feedback.

Cleaning brush:

Brush to clean your hearing aid's.

Wax tools:

To remove harmful wax blocking the receiver tube.

Zinc Air Batteries:

Benefits of using Zinc-air batteries in Hearing Instruments:

Zinc-Air batteries combine with the surrounding air to generate energy, helps your hearing aid perform better and work longer. It has greater capacity, allows to last twice as long as any other battery. That means you buy batteries half as often. Plus, you’ll enjoy less distortion and clearer tones. So, use only Zinc-Air batteries for your hearing aid.

When should be battery changed?

After extended use of your batteries, the hearing aid sound volume gets rapidly weaker and becomes noisy and ineffective in operation. Indicates that the battery should be replaced. Always remove the battery if the hearing aid is not going to be used for period of days.

The tab on your Zinc-Air battery should only be removed when you are ready to use the battery. While in place, the tab keeps the battery from utilizing the outside oxygen as a source of power. In that way, you are assured of maximum battery freshness. However, replacing the tab will not lengthen battery life. For your convenience, the tabs on the batteries are colour coded and packaged so you can easily select the model that’s right for you.

How long battery will last?

Battery life will vary from person-to-person since it is dependent on the type of hearing aid being used and the power of the aid’s amplifier.


  • Carrying an extra hearing aid battery could prove helpful at an important time.
  • When carrying an extra battery, protect it from coins or other metal objects in your pocket or purse since these may cause discharging.
  • Prevent moisture buildup by opening the battery compartment each night once the battery is inserted into your hearing aid. This ventilates the area around the battery, allowing the battery to perform to its maximum potential.
  • Once the battery has lost its power, remove it from the hearing aid and dispose of it immediately.
  • Store new batteries away from infants, small children and pets. Discard old batteries immediately.
  • Always store batteries at room temperature to retain over 95% battery power.
  • Know your battery size and battery life.This may be helpful to communicate with the hearing aid provider later.


  • Do not remove the tab on your Zinc-Air battery until you’re ready to use the battery.
  • Do not keep batteries in reach of anyone who might accidentally swallow them.
  • Do not store batteries in pill containers as they may be easily mistaken.
  • Do not store batteries in hot areas because it drains their power.
  • Do not keep in refrigerator.

Tips to remember for best hearing aid solutions:

MicroCare Speech & Hearing Clinic, MicroCare ENT Hospital & Research Institute advice some tips regarding hearing aid maintenance.

Learning to Live with Your hearing aid.

Successful adjustment to your hearing aid

For a successful adjustment to hearing aid use, accept the reality of your hearing loss and decide that you want to hear better through the use of a hearing aid.

Limitation of your hearing aid

Patience and practice is the key in adjusting to your hearing aid. No hearing aid can restore normal hearing or prevent or improve a hearing impairment resulting from organic conditions. In most cases, infrequent use of a hearing aid does not permit a user to attain full benefit from it. The use of hearing aid is only a part of hearing rehabilitation and may need to be supplemented by auditory training in case of congenital hearing impaired children.

You should not assume that you would understand all of the speech you hear through your hearing aid. If you miss some words, this does not mean your aid is not worth using. What we are hoping to achieve with your hearing aid is a degree of improvement in overall communication ability. Don’t retreat into a quiet world by going without your hearing instrument.

Remember that infrequent use will not permit you to adapt to your hearing aid and enjoy its full potential benefits. Once you become accustomed to your hearing aid you would end up wearing it most of the time and enjoying your hearing life.

Care and Maintenance:

Hearing aid care and maintenance:

You should care for your hearing aid for it to serve you better. While some of the suggestions and instructions in the tips below may seem to be obvious, they merit attention because they continue to be major reason for your hearing aid failure.


Turn it OFF when you are not using your hearing aid. A hearing aid which is left on makes a high pitched noise known as feedback which may attract pets like dogs, often resulting in hearing aid's chewed beyond repair.

Your hearing may be so comfortable that it is easy to forget you’re wearing it. so, don’t forget to remove it before taking bath. Protect your hearing aid from rain. Never allow any liquid to enter the hearing aid, as this may damage the components within the device.

Contact your ENT specialist, if conditions such as irritation and pain arise. As this might be due to pressure applied from the earmold on a particularly sensitive area of your ear canal.


Do not attempt to dry your hearing aid in an oven or with other sources of heat when it get wet. because, temperatures much above normal could easily damage the instrument. Also for the same reason, remember not to store your hearing aid in any location which would expose it to excessive heat (for example, in direct sunlight, near car dash board or window ledge).

Try to avoid situations where your hearing aid could fall for any distance to a hard surface as this may damage its fragile components. Change batteries and clean your hearing aid on a table or desk to minimize the risk of dropping your aid.

Never insert any foreign object into the hearing aid. This could result in serious damage to the instrument.

Never permit such solvents as hair spray or perfume to come in contact with your hearing aid, as this can damage the volume control or microphone.

Repairs and Services.

Hearing aid Services.

Trial of Hearing-aids:

With our international standard hearing aid fitting procedures at MicroCare Speech & Hearing Clinic, you will experience the benefit of using a hearing aid in close to real life situation. The special techniques helps you get a good feel of the kind of difference hearing aid solutions makes to your day to day life.

Real Ear Measurements:

The object based aid fitting using Real-Ear-Measurement provides accurate acoustic response that maximizes the hearing aid benefit.


The quality of hearing depends on quality of hearing aid and its fitting. A good hearing aid fitted badly will be ineffective. Most noteworthy, our ENT and Audiological professional expertise coupled with advanced equipment helps us fit objectively than subjectively. With all these ENT and Audiology or Hearing services, we provide quality hearing aid solutions and fitting to the international standards.


Your hearing loss is as unique as your finger print. At MicroCare Speech & Hearing Clinic, we believes individual solutions to individual hearing problems.

We offer best hearing aid solutions with:

  • The widest range of hearing aid's: conventional, automatic, programmable and digital hearing aid's.
  • Virtually Invisible hearing aid's that can be fitted into your canal.
  • Computerized hearing aid fitting.
  • Computerized Real Ear Measurement.
  • Extensive aftercare service.
  • Virtual Sound simulation lab.
  • Computerized hearing aid analysis.
  • Range of hearing aid maintenance and add-on accessories.
  • UV Hard and silicon soft ear moulds.


State-of-the-art Lab at MicroCare Speech & Hearing Clinic established with German technology helps to customize the individual requirements and give warranty or service to your hearing aid's according to the international standards.

Customer Care:

An experienced customer care staff at MicroCare Speech & Hearing Clinic to cater to all your needs of hearing aid solutions that are supported by a strong quality control and automation systems.