Snoring Treatment

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Snoring Treatment

Many adults, including children, experience snoring and sleep apnoea. Snoring is a disturbing, sometimes inconvenient condition that occurs during sleep when your soft palate at the back of the throat relaxes a lot, causing the tissues to resonate sound.

Constant snoring, aside from being disruptive to the people around you, may also be a big threat to your health in terms of a disease called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

At Microcare ENT Hospital, Hyderabad we are very proud to offer some of the world's advanced treatments that treat and help snoring issues.

If you’re not yet ready to use a mask or a machine, there are a few alternative apnoea treatments available to you that are comfortable, lightweight and engineered for minimal coverage.

We provide snoring therapy options that are appropriate for use at home and also while in travelling. From Provent and Theravent, to side sleeping aids such as NightShift and memory foam pillows for easier breathing, these discreet and disposable anti-snoring devices are helping Indians everywhere.