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The Department of Neuro-otology at MicroCare ENT Hospital and Research Institute provides a specialist service for the diagnosis, investigation, management and rehabilitation of complex, auditory and vestibular disorders including skull base surgery.

Patients can expect a full and thorough diagnostic work up in one clinic setup. Our neuro-otology department takes a leading role in the research into hearing and balance disorders and the management of vestibular disorders, auditory processing disorders, migraine and dizziness.

MicroCare neuro-otology super speciality clinic, a multidisciplinary neurotology clinic offers state-of-the-art medical and surgical care of the ear (otology) and related skull base (neurotology), specializing in ear surgery for deafness, tumours, trauma, infection and dizziness.

One-stop clinics.

The neuro otology service is one-stop in that all the diagnostic auditory and vestibular tests are carried out at the time of initial appointment and a diagnosis confirmed in the majority of cases. Imaging and the surgical option may require a further appointment.


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