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Why is the Super Specialty Sinus Clinic?

Sinusitis is the most common chronic medical condition in India today. This is the disorder of the upper airway.  Nose and Sinuses affects millions of Indians and can lead to debilitating pain and a decline in the quality of life. As a result, sinus problems become economic burden to the society.


  • Over 17 Years of Expertise
  • Experience of Thousands of Sinus Operations

Permanent Solution for the Sinus Problem:

When you think for the permanent solution for the sinus problem, turn to MicroCare Sinus Specialty Clinic under the renowned sinus surgeon, Dr. Vinnakota Sriprakash MS.

Personalized Treatment Plan:

Every patient is unique at MicroCare Sinus Specialty Clinic and requires a personalized treatment plan to get successful outcome.

Breakthrough Treatments for Sinus:

Education that Never Ends: Up to date knowledge and active participation of latest conferences by doctors at MicroCare Sinus Specialty Clinic helps patients get Breakthrough Treatments all over the world for Sinus. Microcare ENT Hospital Offers the best Sinus Treatment in Hyderabad.

Understanding Your Sinuses:

Learn more about your sinuses and specialized treatment options for your sinus problems at MicroCare Sinus Specialty Clinic in Hyderabad.

On Call All the Time:

Every patient has access to Sinus specialist team. So, you get answers right away if you have questions or concerns about your sinuses or your sinus treatment plan.

Breathe Easy:

The relief starts the day we see you. MicroCare Sinus Specialty Clinic is regarded as the very experienced medical practice dedicated to sinus problems.

Staff Specialized In Your Sinus Care:

MicroCare Sinus Specialty Clinic has always held to its highest known standard and is committed to having a staff which provides support for the efforts of Dr. Vinnakota Sriprakash MS to provide the best care to patients.We Provides the best Sinus Treatment in Hyderabad by Top Sinus Treatment Doctors in Hyderabad.