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Cochleo vestibular lab

Cochleo vestibular Nerve Compression Syndrome (CNCS) is the term used to describe a group of audio vestibular (hearing and balance) symptoms thought to be caused by a blood vessel or benign (non-cancerous) tumor compressing the cochleo vestibular nerve at the seventh and eighth cranial nerve complex.

After a comprehensive medical examination has been completed by an otolaryngologist at Microcare ENT and an audiologist, medications can be prescribed as initial treatment to attempt to abate the severe motion intolerance that results from CNCS. If medical treatment does not satisfactorily reduce the symptoms, surgical intervention with a procedure called Micro vascular Decompression (MVD) can be performed.

Surgery incorporates lifting the structure causing the pressure (usually a blood vessel) off the affected nerve.

If you have encountered any change in hearing or experience dizziness, you better consult an Otologist for a complete medical examination. With appropriate medical treatment and therapy, individuals with cochleo vestibular nerve compression syndrome can make a partial or even full recovery.