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Sinus Anatomy

Sinus Specialist KPHB, Hyderabad

Sinuses are air-filled rooms in the areas surrounding the nose. There are four types of sinuses on either side of the nose.

Each sinus has an opening through which sinus gets ventilation and mucus drains. Normally the openings to the sinuses are long narrow bony channels covered with mucosa or the lining of the sinuses. The drainage of mucus is a normal process that keeps the sinus healthy. Mucus moistens the nasal lining and protects the inside of the nose from impurities such as dust, pollutants, and bacteria. Well ventilated sinuses help in giving resonance to the voice and in decreasing the weight of the skull


Sinus problems cause multiple ENT problems like throat pain, ear pain, hearing loss, ear block, headache, all of which are properly attended, evaluated and treated by your sinus specialist ENT surgeon Dr. Vinnakota Sriprakash MS at Microcare ENT Superspecialty Hospital.

The Causes of Sinusitis:

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus lining commonly caused by bacterial, viral, and/or microbial infections; as well as, mechanical problems such as blockage of the sinus opening (ostium) like deviated septum or enlargement of tissues. If the ostium becomes swollen shut, normal mucus drainage may not occur adding to ill ventilation. This condition may lead to stagnation of normal secretions and then infection of sinuses.

Symptoms of Sinusitis:

Common symptoms may include:

  • Facial pain, pressure or fullness
  • Nose block
  • Discharge of discoloured mucus from the nose
  • Discoloured post-nasal drainage
  • Headache or heaviness in the head
  • Bad breath
  • Loss of smell

Types of Sinusitis:

There are two main types of sinusitis: acute and chronic. Sinusitis is usually preceded by a cold, allergy attack or irritation from environmental pollutants. Often, the resulting symptoms, such as a “runny nose,” facial fullness, nose block and fever, run their course in a few days. However, if symptoms persist, a bacterial infection may supervene leading to acute sinusitis. If the condition occurs frequently or lasts three months or more, it turns into chronic sinusitis.

When to see doctor:

When you are having symptoms persistent even after medication of few days, you should always concern ENT specialist.