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At Microcare Allergy Speciality Clinic an Allergy Assessment is done with the aid of The Comprehensive, selected Dust, Food and Environmental allergens which are known to humans along with the history of allergies.After the allergens are identified with clinical tests, an individualized Allergy Management Plan including all appropriate investigations and treatment is done based on International Evidence Based Allergy Practice.Microcare ENT Hospital has Best ENT Specialists in Hyderabad.

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At MicroCare Allergy Speciality Clinic, patient is seen with thorough clinical examination. Specific allergy tests are conducted to determine specific allergic reactions to specific allergens before recommendations are made for treatment. The most accurate allergy test is a skin test. In this test an extract of a suspected allergen which is known to cause allergy to humans is placed on the skin with a device that slightly penetrates the surface of skin. If a reaction occurs at the site of small bump created over the skin, surrounded by redness, the patient may be allergic to that particular allergen. Blood tests are another form of allergy testing that may be done under special circumstances.

While testing is invaluable, one of most effective diagnostic tools is listening, letting patients tell us about their lifestyle, habits and activities. The professionals at MicroCare Allergy Speciality Clinic are skilled at evaluating allergies and asthma and give the optimum strategy of treatment. We try to achieve proper balance between Prevention, Medications and Immunotherapy (Allergy shots or drops) to achieve maximum clinical benefit to patients.We are One of the Top ENT Hospital in Hyderabad.

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Allergists are medical specialists in the treatment of allergic diseases and related conditions. Any physician may treat allergic diseases. However, allergy specialists at MicroCare Allergy Speciality Clinic have the advanced training and experience in the techniques of determining what causes an allergic reaction and how best to solve the problem. ENT surgeons are the only specialists who are well trained at upper respiratory tract complications. To be allergy speciality clinic, that should have all facilities to treat medical complications of allergy as well as surgical complications. As allergy specialists, we are armed with information about the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies and asthma.

The progression of allergies in children from eczema to asthma and then onto hay fever is called the Allergic March.

The first documented case of anaphylaxis was in 2641 BC, when King Menes of Egypt died from a Wasp sting.

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