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Appointment Procedure

Appointment procedure for all International patients including NRIs

Step 1: Email all details of your condition and any special care requirement along with scanned copies of your medical records including relevant scans, medical test results in English to or alternatively you may submit the same in the Enquiry or you can WhatsApp all details to 91-9866508600

Step 2: Specialist Suggestion: we get back to you once, our specialist surgeon see reports and suggest the probable treatment plan.

Step 3: Confirm the Treatment Plan with Online Video Consultation: You are asked to take online video consultation with which our specialist confirms the treatment plan.

Step 4: The paperwork will begin when you accept and confirm the treatment plan given by our specialist. We also suggest the estimated duration of your stay, anticipated tests and related services. You would need to provide us all the information such as your home address, name of your employer and the office details like address, job ID etc. If you are having health insurance, check your policy covers your ailment and provide us your policy details.

Please clarify your doubts and be aware of all the details about your treatment from end to end.

Step 5: Your health tourism starts now


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