Diagnosing Sinusitis Treatment

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Diagnosing Sinusitis

Diagnosing Sinusitis

Many diseases mimic sinus conditions. Patients must be evaluated in a complete and thorough way. New methods and techniques are available for the more complete treatment of sinus disease

Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy:

Endoscope is used in the nose to view the nasal cavity and sinuses. This allows better visualization and magnification of diseased or problem areas in diagnosing sinusitits.

Preop CT scan of Sinuses: CT scan is a must before doing FESS. Plain X-ray has no value in defining sinus pathology. MRI scans are less useful than CT for most sinus problems. But, MRI is needed in some rare cases of sinus tumours.

This Endoscopic visualization, along with CT scans, may reveal a problem that was not evident before.