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Appointment procedure for all International patients including NRIs

Seeking medical treatment outside your home country can become a physically and emotionally exhausting and stressful experience. The International Patients Department at MicroCare ENT Hospital strives to ensure that you feel at home during your stay and ensure you return to your country with your desired result.

Communicate with International Representative

Should you like to have a representative personally help you prepare, please fill the form in “Appointment Procedure” to communicate with our International Representative.

Our Response Time

We respond quickly to every query within 48 hours. Please note that we may ask further questions to clarify to provide the most accurate response depending on the nature of the question.

Visa & Travel Assistance

Please feel free to get in touch with MicroCare Hospitals International Representative.

New patients must send a copy of their passport, including that of attendants to receive a Visa Invitation Letter from the hospital. You should be able share your flight itinerary with us.

Bring all important documents with along with you including Visa, Invitation Letter from the hospital

International Representative will arrange an airport pick up service for the patient with added hotel assistance.

Documents Needed

Bring all the following necessary documents required to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience

  • Your medical history reports relating to the past or ongoing treatment incl. CD of X-rays, CT, MRI scans
  • Your ‘fitness to fly’ certificate (if medically warranted)
  • Copies of Vaccination Certificates (Yellow Fever, Polio, etc.), immunisation records
  • Passport and Visa
  • Local currency, traveller’s checks, and/or credit and debit cards
  • Driving license or any other forms of identification, even if you are not planning to use to ensure additional identification when requested your proof of identity
  • For any further assistance with organising documents or travel plans, communicate with our International Representative.

The Complete Clarification before Your Visit

MicroCare Hospitals International Representative will clarify you and send you any further details of the total process by mail.

Interesting Touring Sites

If you want to tour India in between review consultations, you can plan your tour along with our travel agent.


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