Speech Therapy

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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy helps children and adults with communication, language and speech difficulties to communicate to the best of their ability and as effectively as possible.

Our experienced, passionate team of speech pathologists provides services in a friendly, comfortable and relaxed environment. We research, analyze and treat people of all ages with a variety of communication issues including proficiency, speech and language troubles.

Our experts at Microcare ENT hospitals have a specific enthusiasm in research-based remediation of perusing troubles such as dyslexia and reading comprehension challenges in addition to providing master help for speech and spoken language challenges.

Assessment and treatment sessions are directed with the presence of their parents and intervention is focused to be applicable to their daily activities as this generally results in the best transfer of abilities.

Kindly connect with us if you would like to book an appointment or talk how one of our speech pathologists may be able to help you or your child!

We can encourage you or your child by evaluating, diagnosing and treating a variety of communication issues.