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Q. What is the cause of my snoring?

There are many different causes and each individual needs to be fully examined to find the reason for their snoring. Sometimes there are multiple causes, sometimes no obvious reason can be found.

Q. Which treatments work for snoring?

All the different causes have treatments, some involve operations, some require medication and some need lifestyle changes.

The most important thing in assessing whether a snoring treatment will work is accurately diagnosing the cause. Sometimes this will be found immediately and the first treatment will be successful. For other snorers there may be more than one likely cause and more than one treatment or operation will be needed.

Q.Is the RF treatment painful?

No. You will be given Local Anaesthesia involving one or more injections similar to ants bite. You may feel slight discomfort after the procedure which may be counteracted by routine pain killers available. If the uvula is particularly swollen, it may be necessary to sleep propped up for a couple of days as lying flat will be uncomfortable. Very occasionally, the pain from this procedure is quite severe and may need strong painkillers and antibiotics to be prescribed.

Q.Who performs the treatment?

Your treatment is performed by Dr. Vinnakota Sriprakash MS ENT, an experienced ENT consultant, trained to operate sophisticated Radio Frequency equipment.

Q. How successful are RF treatments?

More than 80% of patients obtain significant reduction of snoring and in some cases the snoring is abolished completely. It may be that two or more treatments are necessary. However we offer appropriate treatment to appropriate patient in order to obtain higher success rates. It all depends upon individual patient factors causing snoring. This treatment is not suitable for snorers who are excessively overweight or have significant sleep apnoea.

Q. How do I arrange my treatment?

The process starts with consultation and pre-assessment where necessary nose and throat endoscopy done and causes of snoring will be evaluated. Causes of snoring in that particular patient will be explained and after that most appropriate treatment will be suggested to the patient, if suitable to RF treatment, patient will be offered.

Q. How long will the treatment take?

The procedure will take 20-30 minutes. The actual RF application will be less than 10 minutes.

Q. How soon I return to work or every day activities?

After a short while observation in the clinic, one may resume regular activities.

Q. How soon will I experience some improvement?

Radio Frequency treatment shrinks the tissue that causes snoring over a period of time. This will vary from patient to patient but you should expect to see some improvement in a matter of 4- 6 weeks

Q. How much a typical procedure costs?

The typical procedure costs you only Rs. 15,000/-. Our snoring treatment costs you less than you think.

Q. How much are additional RF treatments are?

The additional RF treatments in the same sitting costs you only Rs.7, 000/-. The examples are turbinate reduction in nasal passage or uvula reduction.

Q. My child snores every night. Should I be concerned?

Snoring is a common condition and occurs in all age groups. Studies find that 3-12 percent of the pediatric population snores. It happens more commonly in preschool children due to larger adenoids and tonsils in relation to the child’s airway passage size.

Adenotonsillectomy: Surgical removal of the tonsils and adenoids. This is the treatment of choice for children with snoring with enlarged adenoids and tonsils. Studies have found a 75-100% cure rate.

Q. Is snoring dangerous?

See complications

Q. DO I need a sleep test?

Some patients who snore also have a condition called sleep apnoea. This can cause serious medical problems. People with sleep apnoea are at risk of developing heart disease and high blood pressure. In addition they tend to be sleepier during the day and are at greater risk of having accidents, particularly while driving.

If your sleep partner has noticed you struggling for breath at night, you wake up with choking attacks, or you are abnormally sleepy during the day you should have a sleep study done. These vary in complexity and can be done in a sleep clinic. The snoring clinic will advise you about the type of test you need.

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