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Dr. Vinnakota Sriprakash


  • Fellowship in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery at University of Graz, Austria.
  • Micro Ear Surgery and Cochlear Implant Surgery training at House Ear Institute, Los Angeles, USA.
  • Cochlear Implant Surgery training by Cochlear Americas Denver, USA and Advanced Bionics, Valencia, USA.
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Our Specialities

MicroCare ENT

Sinus Super Speciality Clinic

  • Sinus surgery
  • Treatment options
  • Sinus Anatomy
  • Diagnosing Sinusitis
  • Latest advancements
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MicroCare ENT

Allergy Treatment

  • Diagnosing Allergy
  • Allergy treatment
  • Allergy Super specialty clinic
  • FAQs
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MicroCare ENT

Snoring Treatment

  • Treatments for Snoring
  • Latest advancements in Snoring surgery
  • Snoring super speciality clinic
  • Snoring
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ
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MicroCare ENT

Micro Ear Surgery

  • Anatomy and Functioning of the Ear
  • Diagnosis of Ear Conditions
  • Ear Conditions
  • Latest advancements
  • Micro Ear Surgery Super Speciality Clinic
  • Micro Ear Surgery
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MicroCare ENT

Cochlear Implant

  • Stories and Community
  • Cochlear Implant Information
  • Aid the Hearing Impaired
  • Cochler Implant Super Speciality Clinic
  • Research and Clinical Studies
  • FAQ
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MicroCare ENT

MicroCare Speech & Hearing Clinic

  • Hearing Aid Information
  • FAQ
  • Hearing Specialist Change Lives
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MicroCare ENT


Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

MicroCare Rhinoplasty Super Specialty clinic primary focus is you, our patient. In our Hyderabad Rhinoplasty clinic, rhinoplasty surgeons work tirelessly to ensure that you get best of result possible. You feel happy about your reshaping of nose and good looks you get. we are one of the best Nose Reshaping Hospital in Hyderabad.

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