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Advanced Equipment

Flexible Laryngoscope USA

Flexible Video Rhinolaryngoscope (ENF-VT2), Olympus, USA The Olympus ENF-VT2 video rhinolaryngoscope enables clear observation of fine mucosal detail for effective treatment of laryngeal disorders. The generous 2.0 mm channel is compatible with a wide range of endoscopic devices for both laser and electrosurgery. Key Benefits High-quality imaging: A suction mechanism …

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ArthroCare Coblator USA

ArthroCare ENT Coblator® II surgery system USAMicroCare is now equipped with ArthroCare ENT Coblator® II surgery system, USA ; Worlds most advanced and patented Technology for Tonsil, Adenoid Operation Treatment of sleep disorders, snoring, Chronic stuffy nose, Chronic voice disturbances Stop Snoring Stop fear of Tonsils

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Radiofrequency USA

Ellman, Radiofrequency, USA Superior Advantages IN ENT: High Frequency Low Temperature Radiosurgery Technology Less collateral tissue damage Quick healing, enhanced post operative results Cuts without exerting any pressure Pinpoint coagulation Bacteria free incision Less surgical trauma Bloodless & Scarless Incision No need of ground contact or skin contact o antenna …

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Balloon Sinuplasty USA

Balloon Sinuplasty, Acclarent, USA Balloon Sinuplasty technology is a FDA-approved, endoscopic, catheter-based system for patients suffering from sinusitis. It’s similar to angioplasty; the procedure heart surgeons use to clear out clogged coronary arteries. The technology uses a small, flexible Sinus Balloon Catheter to open up blocked sinus openings, restoring normal …

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Stroboscope USA

Strobolight stroboscope with Complete Video-Stroboscopic Tower, Ecleris, USA Strobolight stroboscope, Ecleris, USA is equipment developed with an innovative electronic light control system (Xenon Auto Transition Technology) that provides an exceptional light flow. It has the unique feature that allows functioning with the same 180-watts Xenon bulb both in continuous and …

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Storz Camera Germany

Karl Storz camera, Germany Telepack X from Karl Storz. camera control unit, light source, documentation storage device and 15-in. display is compatible with all Karl Storz Telecam camera heads. The display features 24-bit colour depth for natural rendering; the system includes an SD slot for SC cards, and USB ports …

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HD Endoscopes Germany

High-Definition (HD) Sinuscopes, Storz, Germany The high-definition (HD) Sinuscopes for rigid ENT procedures offer users outstanding image quality, durability and convenience. The true-colour HD lens system provides crystal-clear images even the finest structures throughout the entire endoscopic field and the three-tube construction significantly increases durability, objective lens corrects the fish-eye …

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Skeeter USA

Skeeter® Otologic Drill Designed for advanced otologic surgery of the middle ear or stapes footplate. Skeeter Otologic Drill System and Components Features of the Skeeter: • SKEETER handpiece weighs only 2 oz. • Variable speed, footswitch-controlled • Speeds up to 12,000 RPM • Self-powered or use with MPS console with …

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OPD unit Taiwan

Compacta IV OPD unit Parameters of our IV E.N.T Treatment Unit : Suction vaccum pump 1/4hp 1 set(150w) 3000cc suction bottle 1pc Compressor pump 1/8hp 1set(80w) : Dimension : 100x50x84cm. Power : 110/220V AC 50/60 Hz 1000VA Double holes 150 W light source1 set Anti/fog device : 110/220 V 50/60 …

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Medtronic IPC USA

Medronic Integrated Power Console (IPC System), USA The IPC® System is a multispecialty surgical power console for removing soft tissue, hard tissue, and bone during ENT surgeries. Its suite of application-specific products make it the most versatile console. From inferior turbinoplasty to complex skull base surgeries, the IPC platform can …

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