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Specialties / Procedures

1 Sinus Clinic

Breakthrough Treatments for Sinus
Permanent Solution for the Sinus Problem
Over 15 Years of Expertise
Experience of Thousands of Sinus Operations
The Sinus Super Speciality clinic, a comprehensive approach to effectively tackles the complex                              problems of sinuses

2 Allergy Clinic

Personalized Treatment for Every Patient
Our Treatment Helps You Build Overall Immunity
Expert Allergy Testing Clinic

3 Micro Ear Surgery

Leading Edge Technology and Micro Surgical Techniques
Highest Quality Results
All Ear Super Specialty clinics under one roof

4 Hearing Aid Clinic
Latest Digital Technology Hearing Aids
Virtually Invisible Completely In the Canal Hearing Aids
Best Hearing Specialists in India

5 Cochlear Implant Clinic

One Stop Clinic Solution for Cochlear Implantation
Cochlear Implant Super Speciality Team
Auditory Verbal Therapy
Family Receives the Gift of Hearing

6 Speech Therapy Clinic

Comprehensive Speech Therapy Services to Children and Adults
Diagnosis, Evaluation and Treatment Services
Team of Speech Therapists

7 Neuro-otology Clinic

A Multidisciplinary Team
The Research into Hearing and Balance Disorders
The Comprehensive Service for The Diagnosis, Investigation, Management And Rehabilitation

8 Cochleo Vestibular Lab

One of the Top Most Diagnostic Labs in the Country
One Stop hearing Clinic
State Of Art Hearing Diagnostic Equipment
New-Born Hearing Screening Programme

9 Rhinoplasty Clinic

Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
Three Dimensional High Definition Rhinoplasty Surgery
Pioneered the Endoscopic Approach

10 Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic

Expert Reshaping of the Odd Facial Structures
To Get Much Younger and More Vibrant Look
Minimally Invasive Facelift Procedure is Our Goal

11 Snoring Clinic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Snoring Treatment without Surgical Incisions
No Cuts, No Stitches, No Downtime
Advanced Radio Frequency Treatment
Coblation Technology No Potential Side Effects

12 Voice Clinic

High Performance Voice Training
Awake or Office-Based Vocal Fold Procedures
Team of Voice Super Specialists
Latest Surgical, Nonsurgical and In-Office Treatment Techniques

13 Skull Base Surgery

Centre for minimally invasive endoscopic techniques
Complex surgeries with fewer complications
14 Thyroid Clinic

Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery
The complete Care of Your Thyroid Gland

15  Salivary Gland Clinic

Expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of salivary gland diseases
Micro Endo Surgery for Salivary gland tumours

16 Head & Neck Cancer Clinic

Multidisciplinary Team
Comprehensive care in Treatment and Post-treatment Services

17 Paediatric ENT Clinic

Expert care for babies, children and adolescents
Specially trained paediatric ENT nurses and paediatric subspecialists

16 Geriatric ENT ClinicSpecializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease             and disability in older adults Comprehensive medical care for people later in life

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