Laser Surgeries


Laser Surgery
Lasers have been used extensively in many different specialties of surgical medicine. We at Microcare Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital & Research Institute, Hyderabad, India also use lasers for ear, nose and throat problems quite extensively.


Laser Surgery in India is performed at very few ear, nose and throat hospitals in India. Laser technology has brought a new perspective to ENT microsurgery since the laser provides a very delicate touch and allows the surgeon to operate through small spaces to cut or coagulate tissue. Laser combines excellent cutting, ablation and coagulation properties for precise, virtually bloodless procedures. Lasersurgery is less invasive, has lower risk, minimal post-operative discomfort and the recovery times are shorter when compared to the conventional surgical methods.


Laser surgery is an operation performed with a beam of light rather than a traditional scalpel.Lasers can be used to make incisions or to remove tissue. A laser beam can operate delicate tissues as it can be focused on a particular area. Laser surgery includes bloodless removal of a surface lesion, such as a tumor. The laser beams are powerful enough to kill cancer cells. Laser surgery in India is cost effective and Microcare ENT Hospital & Research Institute is one of the top ENT Hospitalsin India performing laser surgeries.




Laser voice surgery:
Lasers are commonly used in the field of ENT for the work on the voice box. Lasers can be used to incise or remove parts of the voice box or for alteration of pitch of voice


Laser Ear surgery
Lasers are also used for certain types of ear surgery to operate on the bones of hearing.
To learn more about laser voice surgery click here


Laser Nose Surgery
Surgery of the Nose & Sinuses done with laser called laser Assisted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (LAESS) or Endoscopic laser technology for ENT surgery


Laser surgery is a precise and simple procedure done endoscopically with no cuts on the body, either inside or outside. Blood loss and postoperative pain is minimal as laser beam coagulates the blood vessels and destroys bad issue. It also cuts down the operative time as surgeons can visualize the operative field better.

Cosmetic Laser Surgery
Cosmetic laser surgery can bestow you with a set of beautiful skin free of acne and other deformities like for facial skin resurfacing to treat certain types of age-related changes in the skin

Laser snoring surgery
Lasers have been previously used in surgery for snoring. This procedure is called laser - assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP).


Laser Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery
Tonsils and adenoids can be removed with laser more efficiently than in traditional surgery without causing any bleeding.


The important thing to understand about lasers is that the laser is not always the best tool to perform a particular ear, nose and throat procedure. More advanced ENT equipment is available now for ENT surgeries. Your ENT surgeonat Microcare Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital will consider each individual circumstance in each individual patient in deciding whether a laser is the appropriate and the best tool.




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