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Flexible Laryngoscope USA

Flexible Video Rhinolaryngoscope (ENF-VT2), Olympus, USA

The Olympus ENF-VT2 video rhinolaryngoscope enables clear observation of fine mucosal detail for effective treatment of laryngeal disorders. The generous 2.0 mm channel is compatible with a wide range of endoscopic devices for both laser and electrosurgery.

Key Benefits
High-quality imaging: A suction mechanism helps maintain clear views and Close Focus functionality enables the ENF-VT2 to come within 2.0 mm of the viewing area without electronic magnification for observation of fine details.

Generous treatment channel: The 2.0 mm channel is compatible with more than 20 endoscopic devices for a wide range of both laser and electrosurgery treatment options

Endodigi, Ecleris, USA

Endodigi is a digital video/image capture software and hardware system, designed to work with real time video High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD).
Complete digital documentation system for videos and images.

Document important images & videos from your endoscopic exams, procedures and surgeries

Endodigi records your videos and images.

Locate, review images & playback video exams.Compare images and videos side by side.

Endodigi Web sharing: is a simple and secure way to share images, videos and reports with patients &colleagues via email links.

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