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1. What things are likely cause allergies?

Everyday common things such as environmental allergens like house dust mites, plant pollen, animal dandruff, spores; foods like nuts, fish, egg, milk or drugs usually causes you the allergic reaction and symptoms.

2. Can I develop allergy at any age?

Many of allergies develop in the childhood and they may remain dormant until reactivated in adult life. So, it can be presented at childhood or at an adult age.

3. Will my allergy be passed on to my children?

Allergy reactions are tend to be inherited, and genetically determined, so having both parents allergy leads to a 70% chance of your offspring to deveop allergy.

4. What can I do to prevent an allergic reaction?

The best way to prevent allergies is to avoid exposure to those particular allergens you are having allergic. This may not be always possible in real life, especially when you are allergic to common things such as pollen and dust mites. MicroCare super speciality clinic can help you devise an avoidance strategy to minimize your exposure to allergens. Certain medications along with allergy shots also help to prevent allergic reactions.

5. Which are the most reliable allergy tests available?

Skin Prick Tests using extracts of allergens made from locally available things and blood RAST or allergen specific IgE tests are the most reliable tests for immediate allergic reactions, while Patch tests over skin are reliable tests for delayed allergic hypersensitivity to chemicals, foods and metals.

6. What is desensitisation immunotherapy?

Some of allergies can be treated by giving small amounts of that particular allergen to you over a period of time in increasing concentration. The increasing allergen dose is then slowly built up your immune tolerance (IgG antibodies) to develop. Grass pollen allergy can be treated in this way by administering traces of pollen either under the tongue or by skin prick injection. Many of environmental allergies can be treated, but not food and drugs in this way.

7. Can I cure my allergy?

Allergies are determined genetically. That is your body reaction to that particular allergen. It is usually persists for your life time. But they change with age and this is called the “Allergic March”. Generally the older you get, the less problematic your allergies become.

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