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Sinus Treatment

Sinus Super Specialty Clinic

Best Sinus Treatment Why is the Super Specialty Sinus Clinic? Sinusitis is the most common chronic medical condition in India today. This is the disorder of the upper airway.  Nose and Sinuses affects millions of Indians and can lead to debilitating pain and a decline in the quality of life. …

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Sinus Anatomy

Sinus specialist Kphb, Hyderabad Sinuses are air-filled rooms in the areas surrounding the nose. There are four types of sinuses on either side of the nose. Each sinus has an opening through which sinus gets ventilation and mucus drains. Normally the openings to the sinuses are long narrow bony channels …

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Diagnosing Sinusttis

Diagnosing Sinusitis Many diseases mimic sinus conditions. Patients must be evaluated in a complete and thorough way. New methods and techniques are available for the more complete treatment of sinus disease Clinical Examination: Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy: Endoscope is used in the nose to view the nasal cavity and sinuses. This …

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Latest Advancements

Latest Advancements ENT speciality has become a super speciality of with many of its sub specialities evolved into special branches. Introduction of new technology and new techniques: Several surgical techniques have been proposed in the current research and it would appear that certain techniques are ideal for certain situations. Recent …

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Treatment Options

Sinus Treatment Options in Hyderabad The most frequently used treatments for chronic sinusitis are medical therapies and sinus surgery. 1) Medical Therapy: Sinusitis is typically treated first with medication. Treatment with antibiotics, antihistamines or topical nasal steroid sprays is often successful in relieving symptoms by reducing mucosal swelling, fighting infection, …

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Sinus Surgery

advanced sinus surgery Why should you be with the advanced and latest sinus surgeons? Sinus surgery has truly evolved over the years into super specialty surgery. Sinus surgery was once performed through tedious procedures with more complications and more failures with external incisions (surgical cuts on the face and in …

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