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Allergy Treatment


Allergy Management at MicroCare ENT Hospital and Research Institute is greatly helped with the identification of the cause for the allergic symptoms. Once the triggering allergen has been identified, we at MicroCare ENT Hospital advices to institute avoidance measures and try to remove the allergen from the environment. This will reduce symptoms. In addition, symptom control may be attained with the aid of anti-allergy medicines.

ENT Hospital, Hyderabad, India has become only ENT hospital in India to treat all three nose conditions under one roof i.e. nose allergies, nose sinus problems and nose cosmetic operations. MicroCare ENT Hospital is well equipped with all advanced ENT equipment to treat all ENT conditions.

Methods to control exposure to dust at home:

Allergy team at MicroCare ENT Hospital advices the following measures to control the dust.
Remove any rugs and carpets. For dust-sensitive people, bare hardwood or vinyl floors are preferable. If it is impossible to remove carpeting, a low pile is recommended.
Clean regularly. Most people spend a third of their lives in the bedroom; therefore, it is necessary to put on a dust mask and vacuum the room vigorously every day, and clean thoroughly every week. Throw rugs are better than carpeting, because they can be washed weekly in hot water. Products that kill mites are available and include benzyl benzoate to decrease the presence of the allergen in carpets.

Keep humidity low. Avoid humidifiers, because dust mites multiply in a humid environment.
Dust-proof the bedding. The bed should have mite-proof covers that completely encase the mattress and pillows. This is necessary even if the bedding is new.
Discard any feather or down pillows or quilts. Hypoallergenic pillows and washable blankets are preferable.
Eliminate other dust-catchers. If possible, remove all upholstered furniture, drapes, old books and newspapers, stuffed animals, even knickknacks. Use wooden or metal chairs, and lightweight fabric curtains.


Desensitization Immunotherapy or Allergy Shots using allergen extracts is the only possible method for curing a specific allergy. MicroCare ENT Hospital & Research Institute is proud to be part of the world’s latest treatment of nose allergy.
Treatments commonly employed by complementary medical practitioners in allergy treatment.


Homeopathy was devised by Hahnemann in the last century and is based on the law of similar – like cures like. Homeopaths believe that any substance that produces symptoms similar to the symptoms under treatment would actually cure that same disease if taken in minute doses. Treatments are usually individualized for the specific patient and not the disease. The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) recently issued a position statement in which it concluded that there is inadequate evidence for any benefit from homeopathy in treating allergic disorders.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of treatment that involves inserting tiny needles into specific meridians or areas of the body. It has been found to be particularly useful for pain relief and the practice has grown remarkably in recent years. Claims that the use of acupuncture is useful in treating allergies in general are not based on well-performed clinical trials. Some studies have shown a small but temporary improvement in wheezing when acupuncture was employed.


Many plants have therapeutic properties and one only has to remember that. Herbal remedies such as the Ma Huang plant (Ephedra sinica) which contains ephedrine has been used to treat asthma for 5000 years but there is very little evidence that herbal medicines in general confer any major benefit. In some cases they may even be hepatotoxic.
Dr. Vinnakota Sriprakash MS ENT, MicroCare ENT Hospital advocates allergy immunotherapy as it is the EVIDENCE BASED and the treatment given for the specific allergen known after the allergy test.

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